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Presentatie: Ampelmann

13:15-13:30 uur


Working for Ampelmann

At Ampelmann we make offshore access as easy as crossing the street. Our drive is to make the world a safer place, enable the energy transition, and have a great career in the meantime. We combine the challenges of a large globally-operating organisation with a change-positive attitude and entrepreneurial spirit. Personal development and responsibility take centre stage at Ampelmann. Growing Ampelmann means growing its employees. Our people are at the core of our success and in this presentation we will further zoom in to such a success story. Within Ampelmann you can make the impact you want to make. If you have a good plan, you get the opportunity to realise it. People build and expand their careers within Ampelmann. Making sidesteps within the organisations is encouraged. Ampelmann is always looking for talented and ambitious team players. People who are willing to make a difference and be innovative.

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Contact or +31 (0)10 2092600
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