Case Study iPS Powerful People Not just a face in the crowd

Case Study iPS Powerful People

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Not just a face in the crowd

9:00 - 11:00 - Leeuwen Room 2

The maritime and offshore market is constantly changing! We all know how hard it can be to be the exception and to get the attention you deserve, when you are applying for a new challenge.

How do you know your application will be noticed?
iPS wants to make a change and see you as an individual and not just as a face in the crowd. We want to create the perfect match, so you can outshine others!

We can give you feedback about to pimp your CV, how to promote yourself on social media and in interviews with potential employers.
On the other hand, we realize that, the pool of candidates is getting smaller and the amount of request is getting bigger. How can we make sure, that you trust us as a partner in your career?

Within this case study we want to learn from your side, which we need, to make a change and to be the partner for you and our clients! We will give you multiple practical examples, where you can help us, get you as candidates noticed. What is your experience, how do you see it and what do you prefer?
Together we can make it happen!

Deze case study wordt in het Engels aangeboden. Tijdens je registratie voor MOCE kun je aangeven dat je mee wilt doen met deze case study.

Inschrijven voor de Cases Studies is niet meer mogelijk

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