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Maurice Jansen

Eramus Centre for Urban, Port and Transport Logistics

Maurice Jansen, MSc. is a senior researcher and business developer at Erasmus UPT. As a business expert, he specialises in Strategic Management and Environment. Maurice is a real connector and he puts the human factor and human capital at the centre of port-city development. He is co-founder of 'Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe', which aims to attract and connect international maritime talent. He believes 'Making a positive change' is an essential element for talent recruitment. Here's how: Mapping future port ecosystem talent. In his previous employment, he was department director of the Master Shipping and Transport program at STC and supply chain solutions developer at UTi Worldwide. He obtained his degree in Business Administration in Strategic Management from Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1997.

Almar Bok

Erasmus University - Rotterdam School of Management

Almar Bok is MSc Global Business & Sustainability student at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). He works for the Positive Change Initiative/Sustainable RSM (PCI), and is the co-founder of Education in Transition. For the PCI he coaches several action teams and makes sure the stakeholders are engaged and connected to the efforts of the university both offline and online. After studying in Tokyo and finishing the Honours Program at EUR, he started Education in Transition – the student-led organization that addresses and advances future-proof innovation in terms of content, high impact practices and faculty-transcending collaboration. He is the creator of the Teach-In model, a flip-the-classroom concept that invites students to create new courses and content that address societal challenges and opportunities.

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