Partnership packages

There are several partnership packages that you can choose from if you participate in the Navingo Career Event. You can opt for a package with full-service stand construction, but of course you also have the possibility to choose a package with which you build your own stand. All packages include different options in terms of visibility and branding. In addition, every package also offers great opportunities to get in touch with profiles that are specifically interesting for your company in a qualitative way, through segmentation.

I want this


  • 3x2 meters stand with containerprint
  • 1x1 lockable corner storage inside stand
  • 32”LCD TV on foot (with internal mediaplayer)
  • Company name and logo on stand
  • Graphic print on stand wall (100x250 cm)
  • Carpet, 2 barstools, bar table
  • Lighting (1 spot), electricity (1kw), 2 plugs
  • Silver branding campaign
  • Consumption tokens for 2 persons
  • Invite & Meet – 10 invitations
  • 4x2 meters stand with wooden columns
  • Raised floor
  • Graphic print on stand wall (350x225 cm)
  • 32”LCD TV on foot (with internal mediaplayer)
  • Company name and logo on forex
  • Lockable desk, 4 barstools, bar table
  • Decorative plant
  • Lighting (2 spots), electricity (1kw), 2 plugs
  • Gold branding campaign
  • Consumption tokens for 3 persons
  • Invite & Meet – 15 invitations
  • Presentation at ‘The Stage’
  • Space only - build your own stand (min 5x2 meters)
  • €495,- per extra m2
  • Platinum branding campaign
  • Consumption tokens for 4 persons
  • Exposure Outdoor Area, realization in consultation due to permits
  • Invite & Meet – 25 invitations
  • Presentation at ‘The Stage’
  • Case Study

  • Column display with container print
  • 32" LCD tv on tripod (with internal media player)
  • Company name & logo on column display
  • Carpeting, 1 bar stool + bar table
  • Lighting (1 spot), power use up to 1 kw, 1 power supply socket
  • Display branding campaign
  • Consumption tokens for 2 persons


Extra options


Comfort Package € 695,-

  • Upgrade of the exhibition furniture
  • Badge scanner
  • Extra company branding on various on-site screens
  • Company logo on the flags on the quay towards the entrance

Rigging: on request

Co-exhibitor € 495,-

  • With a maximum of 2 companies per 6 m2
  • Only purchsable in combination with a partnership package

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