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Number of vacancies reaches record high

The Dutch labour market is still dealing with the difficulties in finding personnel. At the end of 2018, the amount of vacancies rose to 264.000, says Statistics Netherlands (CBS). In the maritime, offshore and energy sector, finding qualified personnel is also an issue, which may have serious implications for the continuation of the business operations of many companies in the industry.

The tightness mostly has to do with the decreasing unemployment. In the last quarter of 2018, unemployment fell to 3.6 percent, which was the same level as before the crisis of 2008. Companies are experiencing the consequences of the shortage in personnel, but are mostly concerned for the future.  

Attractive employer
The Dutch maritime, offshore and energy sector is known worldwide for her qualities and many innovations. To maintain this position, (young) professionals of each level are necessary: from mechanics and engineers to steering officers, operators and project managers. The energy transition and digitalization are forcing organizations to organize themselves differently in order to be ready for the future. Therefore it is important to present the maritime, offshore and energy industry (and the companies in it) as an attractive sector to work in, making it interesting for (young) professionals.

Inform and inspire jobseekers
For this reason, on the 23rd of May, the Navingo Career Event takes place for the 13th year in a row (previously known as the Maritime & Offshore Career Event, MOCE. For the first time at RDM Rotterdam – Onderzeebootloods, which is surrounded by water and is historically tied to the sector.  “At this new location, jobseekers from within and outside of the sector are informed and inspired to hear about the career options and vacancies that this proud sector has to offer”, says Anne Visser, Business Unit Manager Career at Navingo BV, the organization behind the event. The Navingo Career Event is more than just an informal meeting place beween active/latent jobseekers and companies within the sector. An extensive conference program also takes place, with topics such as autonomous shipping, the energy transition and opportunities in software.

Interested in participating in the Navingo Career Event on May 23rd 2019 and showing visitors what the possibilties are within your company? Read more about participating.

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