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Visit the Navingo Career Hub for all matters that concern your career. At the hub, professionals are ready to provide your with advice on how to apply for a job, and they can check your CV and Linkedin profile. Moreover, you can find an overview of all available internships and you can discover vacancies through Besides that, fun activities take place at the hub, such as the event tours that start here and the 'Meet your Peers' session: a creative meet & greet between young professionals.

CV check
Professionals are ready to give you advise on the job application process and to check your CV and Linkedin profile, in order to make it more eye-catching. Moreover, based on your profile, they can advise you which companies on the exhibition floor can't wait to meet you!

At the hub you will find an overview of all available internships, graduation and research projects that the partners of the Navingo Career Event have to offer.
At the hub, you can receive an overview of the most recent vacancies in the maritime, offshore and energy sector through Besides that you can easily create a profile which makes it even easier to apply for a job.

Event tours
During our free event tours, we explain what kind of companies are present at the Navingo Career Event and how to present yourself to a potential employer. You can also join special themed tours. A tour takes a maximum of 30 minutes, you can register for a tour at the desk on the hub. Here you can also register for a tour at Innovation Dock, which is next door.

Career Update and Career Guide
Read the Career Update at the hub, and find stories of professionals from the sector, the latest developments and vacancies; and read the Career Guide, the complete guide for anyone who aspires a career in the maritime, offshore and energy sector.

Meet your Peers
A creative meet & greet between young professionals where you can expand your network and exchange ideas. The session starts at 15:00 hrs and lasts 30 minutes. Join the conversation and talk about themes such as work-life balance, career perspective and developing soft skills. Click here to register for this session for free.

Invite & Meet
Did you already arrange an appointment with one of the companies on the exhibition floor before visiting the Navingo Career Event? Then report yourself at the desk of the Navingo Career Hub so that you will know exactly where to go. Would you like to arrange a meeting on beforehand as well? Take a quick look at how to do this through Invite & Meet.

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