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‘Invite & Meet’ top employers during the Navingo Career Event

To make sure jobseekers and employers can match even better during the Navingo Career Event, both parties can use 'Invite & Meet'. This tool, powered by, enables visitors to invite participating companies for a face-to-face conversation on the exhibition floor. Invitations can be sent out as of Wednesday April 17th.

Face-to-face conversation
Visiting the extensive exhibition floor of the Navingo Career Event is very interesting in itself, but what if you could make an appointment with one of the many top employers in advance? Invite & Meet makes that possible. By creating a profile on, visitors can invite one or more companies for a personal conversation on the exhibition floor. A great opportunity for visitors to discover what a company has to offer as employer, and to distinguish yourself from other applicants. Creating a profile takes maximum 5 to 10 minutes.

After creating a profile visitors can invite companies as of April 17th. The other way around, companies can also invite visitors by e-mail through Invite & Meet for a personal conversation. The more complete and up-to-date your profile is, the bigger the chance to receive one or more invitations. The profile will remain anonymous.

Win a tailor-made suit
Amongst those that created a profile on and also visited the Navingo Career Event, a tailor-made suit from Misura Sartoria will be raffled off. The made-to-measure clothing from Misura Sartoria ensures that you immediately make a good impression, look professional and makes your personality stand out. We will announce the winner of the tailor-made suit immediately after the Navingo Career Event.

The latest vacancies is the number one vacancy site for the maritime, offshore & energy sector in the Netherlands. Every day the latest vacancies of over ninety companies from the sector can be viewed. By creating a profile, visitors can use Invite & Meet. Appointments made through Invite & Meet take place during the Navingo Career Event on May 23rd at RDM Rotterdam – Onderzeebootloods. With over one hundred companies and knowledge institutions from the sector, the Navingo Career Event is the centre of career opportunities within this innovative industry. Free registration for the event through

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