Do you want a personal conversation with a company at MOCE?

How does Invite & Meet work

PLEASE NOTE! You can only participate in this service if you visit the Maritime & Offshore Career Event in Rotterdam on March 28, 2018.

 How would you like to be able to arrange a personal conversation with one of the companies present at MOCE2018? That's possible with Invite & Meet!

In order to use this service, you first need to create a profile  on, the number 1 jobsite in the Benelux when it comes to maritime, nautical and offshore jobs. Just fill out your data and upload your cv (this can be done anonymously). This will take maximum 10 minutes (please note the website is in Dutch).

Inviting companies for a conversation

*It is no longer possible to send invitations

In your personal dashboard on you are able to invite partners of MOCE for a personal conversation on the exhibition floor at MOCE at WTC Rotterdam on the 28th of March. You can send out these invitations between February 14th and March 23rd. 

You can select more than 1 company with a limit of 10 companies. As soon as your request(s) are sent, your cv will anonymously be shared with the participating companies. Keep in mind that it might take a while before you get feedback, or that companies may no longer have availability during the day.

You will receive an e-mail if your invitation for a personal conversation was accepted. In this e-mail you will also receive a suggested time and the standnumber of the company on the exhibition floor.

In your personal dashboard on under the tab 'Maritime & Offshore Career Event' you can find your schedule of the day with an overview of your invitations with timeslot and standnumber.

Companies inviting you for a conversation

From 14 februari until the 23rd of March, it is also possible for companies at the Maritime & Offshore Career Event to invite you for a personal conversation. In order to receive an invitation, you also need a profile on Keep your cv up-to-date for optimal visibility with these companies. When you receive a request from a company, you will receive an e-mail, and you will see the request on your personal dashboard. This way you might suddenly have a personal conversation with your dream employer!

Register for MOCE 2018

Don't forget to register for access to MOCE on the 28th of March through 


For questions about Invite & Meet and privacy, please visit the FAQ form on your personal dashboard of You can find this once you created your profile!

You can also find an Invite & Meet desk on the exhibition floor at MOCE for further questions, appointment times and locations of stands of the partners.

Of course you are very welcome to visit MOCE even if you do not have an appointment. Companies are waiting to meet you! 

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