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How does Invite & Meet work?

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How would you feel about making an appointment with one of the many top employers on the exhibition floor before your visit to the Navingo Career Event? Now you can with Invite & Meet!

PLEASE NOTE! You can only participate in Invite & Meet if you visit the Navingo Career Event. The scheduled meetings with the employers will take place during the event.

In order to use Invite & Meet, you need to create a profile on You can do this completely anonymous, if desired. Fill out your personal data and upload your CV, this will take up to 5-10 minutes. The website is in Dutch, but there are many English vacancies available.

Inviting companies for a personal conversation


  • Until May 21st, you are able to invite partners of the Navingo Career Event for a personal conversation during the event on May 23rd through your personal dashboard on
  • You can select multiple companies at once. As soon as you have sent your request(s), your CV will be sent anonymously to the companies. Please note that it may take some time for you to receive a response, and that a company may no longer have availability during the day.
  • As soon as your invitation for a personal meeting has been accepted, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. In the confirmation you will find a proposal for a time and the stand number of the company. Do not forget to confirm the meeting time so you won't miss any appointments!

Companies invite you for a personal conversation

  • For the Partners of the Navingo Career Event it is possible to invite candidates for a personal meeting. So keep your CV and your profile up to date to stand out from the crowd.
  • If a company invites you, you will receive an e-mail, and you will see the request in your personal dashboard. Do not forget to accept the invitations so you won't miss any appointments!


  • With questions about Invite & Meet and privacy, please visit the FAQ form on your personal dashboard at
  • Under the tab "Navingo Career Event" you can find your Invite & Meet agenda for 23 May, with an overview of your confirmed appointments including starting time and stand number.
  • During the Navingo Career Event you can visit the Navingo Career Hub with questions about your appointments.

Of course you are also welcome to visit the Navingo Career Event without Invite & Meet appointments. The companies on the exhibition floor would very much like to meet you!


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