Event tours

There are many companies present at the Navingo Career Event, ready to meet you. Do you not know where to start, or are you not yet familiar with the industry and would you like a brief introduction before you introduce yourself to the companies? Join an event tour!

A tour takes approximately 30 minutes and kick-starts your visit to the event. The event tours are free to attend, to participate you must apply at the Navingo Career Hub for the tour of your choice. Please note that capacity is limited, so come early to avoid disappointment.

11:00 hrs   Introduction tour
12:00 hrs  Thematic tour: sailing
13:00 hrs  Introduction tour
14:00 hrs  Thematic tour: ship and yacht building
15:00 hrs  Introduction tour
16:00 hrs  Thematic tour: offshore wind

Introduction tour

During this tour, we explain what kind of companies are present, how you can discover which companies are interesting for you and how you can present yourself to a potential employer. There is a lot to choose from, did you know there are several subindustries in which our partners are active - all with their own career opportunities, challenges and opportunities for growth?

aquatics  maritime knowledge centres
fishing  maritime suppliers
hydraulic engineering   offshore
inland shipping  ports
marine  shipbuilding
maritime services  shipping


Thematic tour: sailing

The sailing industry is extremely broad and has many career opportunities, such as working in inland shipping or sea shipping, but you can also consider sailing on cruise ships, tugboats or studying for a career as a maritime pilot, for example. Would you like to take the helm? Then walk along with this thematic tour, at which we delve deeper into the developments in this industry and the partners at the event that offer sailing jobs.

Thematic tour: ship and yacht building

The Netherlands is a shipbuilding country, with maritime history that reaches back even before the Golden Age. Today, the Dutch reputation is upheld with specializations in, among other things, complex offshore and dredging vessels and yacht building. Working in this sector is extremely versatile, in addition to architecture and engineering, there are career opportunities in various fields of work. Interior designers, painters, woodworkers and electrical engineers are needed, as well as project managers and commercial employees. Could this be your career path? Join this thematic tour and learn more about all the partners that are involved in this unique industry.

Thematic tour: offshore wind

Due to the energy transition and climate objectives, cleaner and renewable energy, such as wind energy, is becoming increasingly important. This development leads to more jobs. The number of jobs in offshore wind is expected to double in the coming three years and by 2030, at least 25,000 extra employees will be needed in the Netherlands. In all of Europe, the number of jobs will be an astonishing 596,000. Would you like to know more about this? Join this thematic tour, at which we explain the complete offshore wind supply chain and the partners that are involved in it.


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