Case Study Van Oord Logistics of wind turbine installation

Case Study Van Oord


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Logistics of wind turbine installation

9:00 - 11:00 - Penn Room 2


Material shipping for an offshore project such as an offshore windfarm in itself is an undertaking in it's own right. You need to be able to work through various scenarios and methods taking into account risks and opportunities to derive at the optimum solution.

Van Oord will provide a case study based on a real offshore wind project situation to illustrate the logistic challenge. You will get the opportunity to sink your teeth into this challenge. During this case study you will be provided with the necessary information concerning origins of materials, destination location, and time constraints for delivery to make sure the installation operations can proceed without interruption. You will have to determine the optimum solution to shipping and planning, in numbers per trip, sailing time and overall costs for the logistics in order to assure project goals. Do you have what it takes to solve this puzzle? Have a go and present your solution to Van Oord during the case study.

This case study is offered in English. During your registration for MOCE you can sign up for this case study.

 Registration for the Case Studies has closed.

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