Case Study Royal IHC The internet of ships

Case Study Royal IHC

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The internet of ships

9:00-11:00 Leeuwen Room 1

Technological developments in computer science are rapidly evolving data acquisition. Infrastructures for big data and the 'internet of things' have already been created in recent years.
IHC acknowledges the strengths and possibilities of these technologies for design methods, tailor-made services, life-cycle support and feedback from operations to improve the broad range of products.

During this case study, we challenge you to develop a philosophy on how to use data acquisition in a way that is beneficial for IHC's customers.
We will focus on two different ship types – a trailing suction hopper dredger and an offshore reel lay vessel. The main question will be: which data should be collected from ship operations and how can this be used to improve the design and operation of our vessels?

This case study is offered in English. During your registration for MOCE you can sign up for this case study.

Registration for the Case Studies has closed

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